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When Peter Groves started the business in 1966 he couldnt of imagined it would grow into the suucessful quality builder it is today. Peter Groves still plays an important in the business today inspiring the whole team to strive to achieve even higher standards. Since Kurt Groves joined the firm grew in size to its current turnover of over £1million/year. Kurt  oversees majaroty of building works undertaken in a Project Management role.  Kurt  has a wealth of experience being trained by Bovis Construction and gaining experience with Stepnell Rugby along with other companies before joining the family business 1990. We have a team of typically 10 full time Tradesman and General Labour and we supplement this with subcontractors. Majority of subcontractors are people we have used before and are a known quantity. An example of this is we have used the same Plumber and Electrician on 80% of jobs in the last ten years (The Plumbing firm has worked with us for 30 years).

Groves Builders will undertake most construction projects from new build homes to restoration of listed buildings and residential extensions.

Over the years we gained a lot of experience building bespoke one off new homes and barn conversions. From this experience we able help customers achieve there goals, abitions and objectives for the project. We able to offer guidance at all stage of project from inception to completion:


 We are happier to be involved at an early stage we are often able to input  on Design as we also design and build new homes to sell on a speculative basis ourselves. We are much more aware than most of what can go adrift at this design stage and can give advice regard cost engineering. Architects do not always have the cost information we able to draw on and can sometimes design in unecassay costs without realizing it. There is often more ways than one to approach the design and we can usually spot these and put forward solutions. We can also help with specification offering suggestions. We can usually put forward alternatives that meet the quality and appearance requirements but keep costs in control. We have an eye for detail and can visualize plans, elevations and sections in 3 dimensions. We feel it is important that prior to

When we design our own Homes our aim is for our pertential customer to be sufficiently impressed enough make the purchase. This insight and knowledge enables us to assist on design to give the customer what they want not what the designer wants.

We do work with some really good Architects that will help as part of a team to bring clients dreams to reality (not their own). We are more than happy to suggest an a suitable Architect to suit your project. In some circumstances we are able to take on the whole design procees ourselves.



We approach the build stage in a systematic and mathodiacal way. Efficiency and timely production is important but we don’t loose sight of what we are doing. We set out to

We have an eye for detail and any design issues not picked up the design stage are dealt prior to them being built in.

We able to carry out most construction projects on a Building control building notice very few builders will do this. This meens the work is still inspected and signed off by Building Control without the need or expense of paying for Working Drawings or Building regs drawings. We undertaking quite complex projects on a building notice and are more than competent to deal with things in this way. Were time is of the essence to proceed with a project this can shorten the overall process.

We are conversant with the latest Health and Safety regulations. In particular we are now working on the new regs for new build homes which has just come in force and can assist at an

Our workforce are highly skilled and well trained and used to working as a team to produce very high quality work indeed. Depending on the size of the project it will either be overseen by Kurt Groves or our Site Manager Dale Wilkins and on occasions Peter Groves. Dale has worked for the company from school as a trainee carpenter, he is multy skilled and can deal almost all that comes his way .

Handover and ongoing Support:

Last couple of weeks before hand over can be a busy time for both a builder and customer. We try to make this as painless as possible. We will try our utmost to list all outstanding items left to finish along with any snags. Yes we do have snag’s but we try deal with professionally and effctively without comprimise. Anne who assists me in the office also joins in on site to help clean for handover,  she has an eye for detail and she always drafts the snagging list.

If a problem occurs we don’t quibble and try duck our responsibility we just sort it out. Unfortunately this is not something that can be said for all builders.

We do not advertise, this makes it even more important to try our best to keep our customer satisfied with our aftersales service. Were it is acceptable to the customer we may ask if a new potential customer may make contact to discuss the project we undertook and possibly view the project.